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Monday, July 13th, 2015

There might be a number of reasons for organizing a conference, meeting, seminar, etc. but all of them would not be able to get you success without a perfect conferencing destination. Hence, choosing a conference venue is important.

Below are eight pointers that must be looked at, before choosing a conference venue.

  • You have to identify a location that would not only facilitate the commutation of the attendees, but also adds to the image of the company.
  • How many people would be attending the conference? Get the answer to this question and before landing on a number, ensure you have some buffer numbers even. By getting to know the number of attendees, you will get to know the kind of arrangements you would require for them.
  • What would be the duration of the conference? As most of the conference facilities work on an hourly basis, a number for the duration of the conference will help them in giving you a packaged deal.
  • Check whether the ambience is as per your conference objectives. It should have a professional environment that has all the conference equipment and facilities in an organized manner. There is a conferencing venue in South Delhi that provides mountain-fresh ambience for office and conference space so that one breathes fresh air, resulting in healthier mind which further leads to great ideas and healthy discussions.
  • For a conference, one would require a white board, LCD TV, Panafax board, projector etc. You need to check whether the service provider has the equipment that caters to your conference needs. There is a business centre in Delhi, that provides meeting rooms in south Delhi  vested with audio-video and web conferencing facilities.
  • Arrangements for preserving your privacy and security: No one would welcome any unnecessary interruptions or disturbances while the conference is going on. For this, a secured place with manpower security is preferred the most. You would also require a team of well-trained security force in case you have invited a public figure.
  • Parking is a common hassle in all metro cities. You must ensure that the conference venue has ample of space for accommodating vehicles of the attendees, in case deemed necessary reserve the space for parking. This will add to their convenience.

What is your budget? After reviewing all the options and the comparatives, analyze whether the venue is worth-paying the value quoted by the service provider. If yes, then close the deal else, cancel it and move on to another that will cater to all your conference related needs.

Indoor Air Quality System

Friday, January 29th, 2010

IAQ system at Paharpur Business Centre

IAQ system at Paharpur Business Centre, saves Energy:  ‘We grow fresh air’ at PBC, with an IAQ system retrofitted in the building.  Paharpur Business Centre ( is a 50,000 sqft office building offering “instant office” solutions. The IAQ system helps us save 30% on the fresh air load in our HVAC system.


‘We grow fresh air’ at PBC, with an IAQ system retrofitted in the building.

Natural bio method of purification has been adopted using green plants.

This was presented at TED 2009 Conference, held at Long Beach, California, ‘how to grow your own fresh air indoors’ with just three varieties of plants, namely, Areca palm, Mother-in-Law’s Tongue and Money Plant.

Ambient air picked from a height of 120 feet is passed through an air washer having pre-filters of MERV 6 and scrubbed using UV treated soft water.

This pre-filtered air is made to flow into a Green House holding over 300 plants of the three specific species and grown in hydroponic culture.

These plants not only convert CO2 into O2, but also remove toxins like VOC’s from the air and absorb microbial pollutants.

This oxygenated air is then fed into a Heat Recovery Wheel, which increases the efficiency of HVAC system by pre cooling /pre-heating the incoming air.


Indoor Air Quality

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Best Practices:  Indoor Air Quality System

Besides having a well-defined IAQ system, we at PBC follow certain practices/rules that help us in maintaining a world class IAQ in our building. We have benefited from these practices; the results show higher productivity and fewer occupant sick days. These practices can be further improved upon.

IAQ Best Practices at PBC

  • Smoking / Eating is allowed only in designated areas not connected to centrally air conditioned space.
  • Elevator Area & building envelope are sealed to avoid any untreated air ingress.
  • There are air curtains at all entrances into the building.
  • To check spread of communicable diseases like active TB, occupants are tested. Visitors are not as it is not practical to do so.
  • Door handles, telephones, elevator buttons etc are sanitized on a daily basis.
  • Hand sanitizers are placed in all the washrooms and at relevant areas.
  • Everyone entering the building is requested to wash their hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizers.
  • All housekeeping chemicals used in the building are Green Seal Certified.
  • Tight vacuuming of the carpet and upholstery is carried out on daily basis. The dust collected is measured and monitored.
  • The outdoor mats are kept moist for increased dust removing efficiency.
  • The carpet tiles placed in all the rooms are CRI Green label plus and are shampooed on weekly basis or as required.
  • 30 feet entry way system (doormat) from 3M Company, removes most of the dust from shoes at the building entrance.
  • The paint and polish is done only during the weekends using eco friendly, lead free and low VOC paint and polish.
  • Building is flushed as per requirement after any paint work.
  • All incoming parcels and courier packets are received outside the building and only brought inside after cleaning.

Energy Management

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Best Practices: Energy Management

In Energy management we follow certain practices that help us in reducing our electricity bills without affecting the quality of life. We have benefitted from these practices; our results show maximum 30% reduction in our electricity bills. These practices can be further improved upon.

We at Paharpur Business Centre follow these best practices in energy management

  • Instead of GLS lamps, we use PL lights, which are plug in CFL lamps, they use compact fluorescent (CFL) technology meaning they are efficient and less costly to replace.
  • All fluorescent lights in our office are Philips trulite which are BEE 5 star rated with electronic ballast.
  • Motion sensors are used to switch off lights in unoccupied common areas.
  • All our displays are energy efficient LCDs/Plasma to save on energy.
  • Energy consumption is monitored and analyzed on daily basis.
  • Green mesh & heat reflective film has been put on the south wesh side of the building to block the direct sun heat into the building.
  • High albedo paint has been put on the building envelope to reduce the indirect heat gain into the building.
  • The heat gain into the building from the rooftop is minimum because of green house.
  • Use of  five star rated equipments especially air conditioners.
  • High Efficiency Super Diesel is used for all DG sets to reduce pollution.
  • Diesel is centrifuged to clean it before use in the Generators.
  • Energy consumption is monitored and analyzed on daily basis on a BAS system
  • Green mesh & heat reflective film is put on the south west side windows of the building to block the direct sun heat into the building.
  • High albedo paint has been put on the building envelope to reduce the indirect heat gain into the building.
  • The heat gain into the building from the rooftop is minimum because of green house that has been created on the roof.

Energy Saving Features of our HVAC System

  • Chiller has a COP of 6.15; it’s an efficient 212 TR water cooled screw chiller from Trane.
  • Two way valve regulate the chilled water inlet into the AHU coil as per the heat load.
  • CO2 sensors have been put to regulate the fresh air inlet inside the air conditioned space. Its demand controlled ventilation.
  • New Pumps and all AHU motors are VFD controlled.
  • UVC light have been installed on the AHU cooling coils to keep the air & coil clean of indoor air contaminants.
  • The new system has VAV in air circuits to regulate the air supply as per heat load.
  • New Double skin AHU help reduce the leakage & noise.
  • Heat Recovery wheel unit ensures that incoming fresh air is precooled before it is let in into the system
  • Complete system is managed centrally through BMS

Safety Practices

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Best Health and Safety Practices

To check spread of communicable diseases like active TB, occupants are tested for such diseases.

We also request our clients to fill in and forward forms for their visitors who have come from viral infested places- Swine Flu, SARS etc.

We have installed TFT screens and monitors in the entire building including the offices, conference rooms & even wash rooms and we use this to effectively communicate with our clients, visitors etc on the various initiatives taken for ensuring their well being at Paharpur Business Centre.

Paharpur Business Centre is a no-smoking building, however we have a dedicated area with a separate exhaust.