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Indoor Air Quality System

Friday, January 29th, 2010

IAQ system at Paharpur Business Centre

IAQ system at Paharpur Business Centre, saves Energy:  ‘We grow fresh air’ at PBC, with an IAQ system retrofitted in the building.  Paharpur Business Centre ( is a 50,000 sqft office building offering “instant office” solutions. The IAQ system helps us save 30% on the fresh air load in our HVAC system.


‘We grow fresh air’ at PBC, with an IAQ system retrofitted in the building.

Natural bio method of purification has been adopted using green plants.

This was presented at TED 2009 Conference, held at Long Beach, California, ‘how to grow your own fresh air indoors’ with just three varieties of plants, namely, Areca palm, Mother-in-Law’s Tongue and Money Plant.

Ambient air picked from a height of 120 feet is passed through an air washer having pre-filters of MERV 6 and scrubbed using UV treated soft water.

This pre-filtered air is made to flow into a Green House holding over 300 plants of the three specific species and grown in hydroponic culture.

These plants not only convert CO2 into O2, but also remove toxins like VOC’s from the air and absorb microbial pollutants.

This oxygenated air is then fed into a Heat Recovery Wheel, which increases the efficiency of HVAC system by pre cooling /pre-heating the incoming air.


Safety Practices

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Best Health and Safety Practices

To check spread of communicable diseases like active TB, occupants are tested for such diseases.

We also request our clients to fill in and forward forms for their visitors who have come from viral infested places- Swine Flu, SARS etc.

We have installed TFT screens and monitors in the entire building including the offices, conference rooms & even wash rooms and we use this to effectively communicate with our clients, visitors etc on the various initiatives taken for ensuring their well being at Paharpur Business Centre.

Paharpur Business Centre is a no-smoking building, however we have a dedicated area with a separate exhaust.