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Water managment

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Water Management at Paharpur Business Centre

We measure our water consumption on a daily basis – water meters are installed at all points of consumption at Paharpur Business Centre.

At Paharpur Business Centre we have installed all water efficient fixtures i.e. waterless urinals, sensor taps, dual flush cistern based water closets.

We use drip irrigation for watering the plants.

Reject water from the RO plant is used to water the indoor plants.

As part of our 4R policy – Reduce, Re-use, Re-cycle & Re-charge – we also harvest water and recharge it into the ground.

Dishwasher is used to clean all the dishes in our cafeteria and the first rinse water that is without the detergents is re-used by diverting it to our vermi-compost pit.

Waste Management

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Waste Management practices at Paharpur Business Centre

Waste is segregated at source at Paharpur Business Centre – we have separate bins for plastics, food, paper, tin, foil, glass, food.

We sell all paper, Plastic & Glass bottles; our business cards are made from recycled paper.

Wet waste is diverted to our vermi-compost pit where it gets converted into organic manure rich in micro nutrients and this is then used in all our indoor plants as manure.

E-waste generated by us is not thrown but we sell them to vendors who either recycle it or use the spare parts for further repair and use.

Housekeeping Practices

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Housekeeping Best Practices at Paharpur Business Centre

At Paharpur Business Centre, we have placed hand sanitizers at all strategic locations in our building i.e. at the reception, security desk, lobbies, cafeteria, toilets / wash rooms etc – to check the spread of communicable diseases i.e. H1N1 Flu.

Visitors / Guests entering the building are requested to wash their hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizers placed at the Front office & security desks.

We sanitize the doors, handles, knobs, elevator buttons; telephones etc are wiped with alcohol-based sanitizers on a daily basis.

All housekeeping chemicals used in the building are “Green Seal” certified & the crew wears hand gloves while cleaning the rest rooms / wash rooms.

Tight vacuuming of the carpet and upholstery is carried out on daily basis. The dust collected is measured and monitored.

Use of touch free taps and soap dispensers. (Touch free towel dispensers being planned in future).

Tight vacuuming of the carpet and upholstery is carried out on daily basis. The dust collected is measured and monitored.

The carpet tiles placed in all the guest and conference rooms are CRI Green label plus and are shampooed on weekly basis or as required.

The outdoor mats are kept moist for increased dust removing efficiency.

30 feet entryway system (doormat) from 3M Company, removes most of the dust from shoes at the building entrance.

Pest control is carried out twice a week with eco-friendly chemicals after office hours.

Housekeeping supervisor ensures that there are no unauthorized people in the premises when the pest control is being carried out.

All incoming parcels and courier packets are received outside the building and brought inside after cleaning.

Extensive regular training is imparted to the housekeeping Crewmembers with special emphasis on hygiene, health & safety.

We also have sustainable purchasing systems and as a result all the machines that we have in our housekeeping department are energy efficient i.e.  CRI certified vacuum cleaners and are star rated wherever possible.