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Business Centres Provide Effective Workplace Solutions

Friday, August 29th, 2014

It does not matter whether yours is a start-up or an established business centre; business centres provide flexible and cost-effective workplace solutions for every size and kind of businesses.

Why preferring business centres would be a smart choice?

Well, the answer would be:

–          No capital expenditure. You don’t have to spend setting up a new space. Ideally, an office space requires workforce for the maintenance, resources to manage the operations, devices, connectivity, security system and more. With the business centres, you don’t have to bother about these things as you get furnished offices.

–          Like a ready-to-eat meal, business centres offer space with state-of-the-art amenities and other facilities. You won’t to worry about the cleaning, housekeeping and maintenance, and security of the facility. These will be taken care by the business centres. Hence, you save time & money.

–          You get a good location as an advantage of associating with a business centre in addition to the professional environment.

–          There are many who also offer conference, training and meeting rooms in India, in the same facility.

If one is planning a foray into the Indian market then one can give a thought to those business centres in India that provide such a composite package as it will add to the convenience.

–          Business centres that offer serviced offices in India also offer space with a range of creative presentations. From interiors to the hospitality. You’ll get to see a reflection of the culture and tradition. A perfect example would be the paintings and sculptures placed in the lounges, reception hall and in other rooms. You also get to see a team of females in traditional attire like saree to welcome your guests. This entire presentation adds to the feel-good factor of the client. Wouldn’t you like to work in such a place?

–          The best part is you get flexibility of size and term at affordable prices.

With all these advantages coming your way, why not prefer business centres and take a smart step?

What Are The Advantages Of Having A Library at Office?

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

It’s a myth that library is a place where a lot of books from different sources and of different subjects are kept. The fact is library is a platform for enlarging the scope of knowledge and brainstorming with a lot of ideas. It is a section of the building where silence is the most important element next to the willing reader. They are not meant only for the schools and colleges. Offices too have them.

Why should an office have a library?

Library belts out a lot of advantages. Some of them are:

–          It welcomes the readers to open up their minds and add to their knowledge store. An office library contains more of magazines and books related to management, business, economy, skill enhancement, computers, engineering, annual reports in addition to those on life style and entertainment.

–          It is like a one-shop stop for different journals and newspapers. You will find an array of them.

–          It motivates you keep up the habit of reading which further leads to enhancement of vocabulary too.

–          No other part of the office is as calm and peaceful like a library.

–          The best part is if you want to read a topic later on during leisure, while travelling or while at home etc then you can issue it or photocopy the pages by using office support services. It saves your work time and interest.

Business centres have also started taking the concept of adding a library to their building, seriously. In fact in India, there are many business centres that provide office Space on Rent in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and other metro cities also have dedicated a section for library cum reading lounge.

Due to unavailability of space, many serviced offices have not yet introduced a section for the library. In such a scenario, the concept of a mini library would gel well. It refers to a tall and sleek rack of books that can be kept on every floor. If a building is of 5 levels than 5-6 tall racks can be accommodated in them. The concept of personalized online library is quite efficient for the ready to move in offices that fall short of space. Employees can enter the website by using their employee code, and then read the book online after selecting it. It seems viable.

The main idea is to make the employee more efficient, knowledgeable and creative.

Dull or Happening – Which Workplace Would You Prefer?

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

We all would agree to the fact that a dull and boring environment brings the energy & enthusiasm meter down while a bright and happening environment takes the zeal high. Needless to say, work environment and the factors related to it are very important for a healthy work life.

This is one of the reasons why business centres have come up with a variety of innovative options to make workplace livelier. There are many business centres that offer serviced offices in India with a different ‘look and feel’ of the space.

Bright and lively colours are in. Colours like white, beige, yellow, lemon green, etc illuminate the space more. Consequently, the pressure on the eyes and mind get reduced in addition to the positive vibes that increase.

Other than this, different designs of furniture also add to the live wire quotient. These days, workstations with different designs and levels of convenience are seen in the offices. Companies give a special attention to the recreation rooms. They make it creative and equipped with a lot of stress busting activities.

Decoration and arrangements add another dimension of making a workplace happening. An everyday quotes calendar is one of the good stationery for the desks. Quotes can be inspirational and business specific. Putting paintings and motivational poster on the walls is another way out.

Serviced offices that also provide meeting rooms in India, have also started taking the task of enlivening the meeting and conference rooms, seriously. You will find aesthetic and good luck charm lucky bamboos placed on the tables, especially for those who are expected to have hard time during the meeting. Jokes apart, in meeting rooms you will find a good number of creative paintings and sculptures even they add to the feel good factor.

Prefabricated structures or modular set ups are also grabbing attraction. As it adds to the flexibility and creative designs, most of the business centres in India have started using them. They make a place more attractive and interesting to work in. Moreover, they are portable, easy to install & handle and store.

Likeable interiors bring inspire the employees to work and build a lively and enthusiastic atmosphere.