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Soaring Demands Of Conference Facilities

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

There has been a rising demand of conference rooms and facilities in the past few years. A lot of corporate houses as well as entrepreneurs have been opting for this.

However, just a conference room is not what they actually look for. Companies or clients come up with a list of demands. One of them is location. Conference  rooms in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad always top the charts of priorities.

Even if the city is decided, second step opens up for making a choice of the area of a city which is to be selected. It should be a commercial location with good connectivity with the transportation hubs like metro, buses etc. These two criteria are very important while selecting the location as it builds the image and adds to the convenience of the attendees which comes as a default advantage with the business centres or the serviced offices which provide conference solutions.


The organizer gets a professional conference venue which further leads to a hassle –free and productive meet. These days, educational institutes have joined the race of reserving conference rooms for their seminars, meetings, conference and more.


New Delhi, being the capital city of India grabs a lot of attention for the events, conferences, meetings and others. In Delhi, conference rooms in South Delhi, Connaught Place, Saket, Jasola are usually sought after.


In addition to this, convenience is one of the most important factors in deciding the conference room locality.

At times, clients face problems in organizing an event due to the lack of time, work force and/or accommodating guests etc.  In such a scenario, they should go to the business centers which provide complete office and conference solutions. They would not have to take the pain of involving itself in managing their event. Right from the room set-ups to the organizing of various facilities and the arrangements of lunch, dinner, hi-tea etc will be done by the conference team of that particular business centre.  You will get technical support from the team without a single failure.

But organizing conference in any of the business centres or serviced offices is not just enough. You can take pride in being in the green building for your event. There are few of them. They are energy-efficient and have high green quotient. By being there one does not only stay active but also feel close to nature. There is a business centre of Delhi origin which provides conference rooms in Delhi, in mountain fresh ambience. As long as you are there, you breathe fresh air and stay healthy.

You can look out for such options as they add to your health as well as convenience.

Business centres or serviced offices offer complete conference solutions. Therefore, anyone searching for a conference space must take a look at the conferencing options available with the business centres.

What To Look At While Searching A Meeting Space?

Monday, October 20th, 2014

Annual review meetings, annual general meetings, sales meetings, meetings with the ambassadors, meeting delegates of high stature etc – the list is quite huge when it comes to prepare a meeting planner. Here comes the demand of meeting rooms into the scene.

To ensure that meetings are productive & successful, you must make careful choices on the following:

  1. List out the number of attendees and mentors who will be attending the meeting. It will give you clarity on the size of space you would require.


  1. Location is the second most important factor. A central location offers accessibility and ease to the commuters. There are several business centres in India that offer small and large space for meetings. 99% of them are located in commercial areas that add to convenience of the attendees. Ensure that the venue has secured and sufficient space for parking.



  1. Next is the infrastructure. Would you prefer a meeting room with in a non environment-friendly building or would you opt for green solutions? Undoubtedly, there are many business centres that provide space with a kind of infrastructure that gives a treat to your eyes but there a few which provide a good ambience with elevated green quotient. There is one such which offers space for office space, training, interviews, and conference and meeting rooms in south Delhi, in mountain-fresh ambience while maintaining professionalism.


  1. You should also keep the duration of the meeting in mind. If the duration is long then you might have to make arrangements for snacks, lunch and dinner. Accordingly, you can ask the catering department to organize the same.



  1. Make a list of things that your meeting may require like white board, projector screen, panafax, stationery etc. You have to share the same with the manager. You should give a surprise visit to the venue to check the amenities like Wi-Fi, air conditioning, parking etc. This will enable you to decide whether the venue is capable of giving meeting rooms on urgent basis. Many business centres do offer immediate meeting rooms in India with all the required facilities.


One has to look at the offers meticulously before booking the space for meeting rooms. After all everyone wants a space that can make the meeting run smoothly and be successful.

This easy-to-refer checklist will help you in your search for the perfect meeting room.

How About A Green Kitchen?

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

Have you ever wondered that an office building requires a green kitchen?

Even if yours is a green office that takes care of environment in a meticulous way but the kitchen is left out then the effectiveness of the efforts of going green lowers down.

Kitchen is a place from which a huge percentage of air pollutants and waste get released.

You may ask the following questions to the concerned departments about the kitchen @your office.

–          Are the appliances that are used in the kitchen BEE 5 – Star rated?

These days, most of the serviced offices in India are using energy-efficient appliances as they now understand the benefits of using such products.

–          Are these appliances checked at regular interval of time?

There is a huge difference between procuring appliances and maintaining them. If they are not maintained properly then their performance level will degrade. Various business centres in India take this seriously but many don’t. An inefficient appliance would consume more energy and release more pollutants further heating up the room and increasing the use of air-conditioners and ultimately leading to high energy bills.

–          Are the raw materials tested as per their specific requirements before they are used? And whether the food is prepared properly or not.

There is a business centre that offers meeting rooms in India in mountain fresh ambience, provides nearly organic and healthy food. They use ground spices and materials that are devoid of preservatives, MSGs and transfats. Water is another important criterion. You must check the quality of water supplied to the kitchen and whether RO water is used for washing vegetables and fruits and preparing food.

–          Which tiles are used inside the kitchen?

These days, you get low VOCs and bacteria free tiles that enhance the green and health quotient. Such tiles are said to reflect heat allowing the temperature inside the rooms to be cooler. In fact one must also check the kind of paints used in the kitchen. Paint and polishing chemicals are likely to emit a good amount of VOCs.

–          Which chemicals are used for the cleaning the kitchen and storage area?

Green seal certified housekeeping chemicals should be used for cleaning as they are not harmful to the environment. Non-toxic, bio-degradable and plant-based detergents are easily available in the market.

Dull or Happening – Which Workplace Would You Prefer?

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

We all would agree to the fact that a dull and boring environment brings the energy & enthusiasm meter down while a bright and happening environment takes the zeal high. Needless to say, work environment and the factors related to it are very important for a healthy work life.

This is one of the reasons why business centres have come up with a variety of innovative options to make workplace livelier. There are many business centres that offer serviced offices in India with a different ‘look and feel’ of the space.

Bright and lively colours are in. Colours like white, beige, yellow, lemon green, etc illuminate the space more. Consequently, the pressure on the eyes and mind get reduced in addition to the positive vibes that increase.

Other than this, different designs of furniture also add to the live wire quotient. These days, workstations with different designs and levels of convenience are seen in the offices. Companies give a special attention to the recreation rooms. They make it creative and equipped with a lot of stress busting activities.

Decoration and arrangements add another dimension of making a workplace happening. An everyday quotes calendar is one of the good stationery for the desks. Quotes can be inspirational and business specific. Putting paintings and motivational poster on the walls is another way out.

Serviced offices that also provide meeting rooms in India, have also started taking the task of enlivening the meeting and conference rooms, seriously. You will find aesthetic and good luck charm lucky bamboos placed on the tables, especially for those who are expected to have hard time during the meeting. Jokes apart, in meeting rooms you will find a good number of creative paintings and sculptures even they add to the feel good factor.

Prefabricated structures or modular set ups are also grabbing attraction. As it adds to the flexibility and creative designs, most of the business centres in India have started using them. They make a place more attractive and interesting to work in. Moreover, they are portable, easy to install & handle and store.

Likeable interiors bring inspire the employees to work and build a lively and enthusiastic atmosphere.