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Thursday, August 20th, 2015

As a matter of fact kitchen or the pantry emits a huge amount of pollutants and waste. Hence, it becomes a potential case of study as to how to improve its efficiency in terms of being environment friendly. You must have heard of a pantry in the office, just that but……

How to create a green pantry?

Here are few ways of converting your conventional pantry into a green one.

Use BEE 5 star rated appliances as they guarantee sustainability by means of performing in an energy efficient manner.

All the appliances have to be maintained properly. A lot of serviced offices in India take this seriously while many just waive it out of their routine. An energy inefficient appliance will demand more energy, further leading to huge energy bills. Additionally, they pollute the indoor environment even.

Raw materials procured should be tested for their quality. Procurement from a local vendor decreases the carbon footprints. A food safety management system should be put into action. In addition, they should be washed properly; stored hygienically in appropriate conditions and prepared in suitable conditions. These days, serviced offices have started paying attention to the quality of food served in the cafeteria and pantry.

Use zero VOCs and bacteria free tiles in the pantries. It will add to the hygienic conditions. Green seal certified chemicals for cleaning and other housekeeping should be used to ensure that less amount of pollutants are emitted

Use the food waste for creating vermin-manure by decomposing them in vermin-compost pit. You may recycle some of the waste products like paper wraps, polythene etc.


Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

Here are some reasons why one should prefer business centres over banquet hall or hotels for conferencing.

Business centres provide serviced office space with a professional atmosphere. Banquets or hotels cannot cater this.

They take care of housekeeping and facility maintenance. One does not have to worry about it as clean and organized rooms, hygienic rest rooms will be there for sure.

They offer an array of different set ups like theatre, classroom, boardroom style etc., that are otherwise not feasible and relevant in banquet halls and hotels.

There are many business centres in India that offer attractive backgrounds to enhance the feel-good factor. But there is one in thebusiest hubs of South Delhi that offers conference space in mountain fresh ambience. They pump detoxified and oxygenated air into the building that keeps the conference participants active and alert throughout the long hours of conference.

Hi-end technological facilities and IT support come handy. Additionally, availing video conferencing facility also becomes convenient as one does not have to contact another vendor for this.

As support team like office services for reprographics and front office will be there to ease the hassles, hence conferencing becomes smoother.

Moreover, one gets a dedicated team to take care of each client. Each team works like a helpline for each account/ client. They help the clients is resolving on the spot glitches, making arrangements and giving an assurance that things will be fine.


Go for a business centre’s offer for conference, if you are aiming at rolling out a smoother conference

that relieves you from the stress of arranging it as the dedicated conference team handles everything from scratch to stalk.


Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

We spend more than 80% of our time indoors and in fact most of the productive hours working in office. It is obvious to note that office exhaustion can actually divert your focus. No matter how hard you try to channelize your focus by cracking some jokes or chit-chatting a bit, you would end up catching at least a mild yawn and feel drowsy. Fortunately, there are some easy solutions that can let you escape from this.

One of the easiest and simplest mantra to break the afternoon drowsiness is grabbing a cup of hot tea or coffee. Most of the luxury serviced offices have installed coffee-tea maker machines. In case these machines are not there, then one can ask the pantry boys to prepare it.

A lot of stand-alone offices and in fact business centres in India have started adding a new dimension to their services by offering a dedicated space for reading. They have created a reading lounge with a collection of a variety of books, journals, newspapers, magazines etc on various topics, not only to break the boredom but also to add to the knowledge of those reading it.

Additionally, some options for recreation should also be made available. By trying a few shots of pool or some tricks at the chess, if one feels energetic then nothing like it. This would catalyze his or her interest towards coming to the office and working better.

There is a furnished office space in South Delhi that has taken the appropriate and perfect approach of getting rid of afternoon exhaustion. It is a business centre in Nehru Place that provides office and conference space in mountain fresh ambience. They grow their fresh air with the help of plants that not only detoxify the indoor air, but also enrich it with oxygen for better brain functionality. As much as oxygen reaches out to a human brain better becomes the human productivity level.

The technology of purifying indoor air helps in reducing the incidences of common health hazards that may take place at work like eye irritation, headaches, lung impairment etc. It keeps the mind and body alert and active.

One can also look at sunlit areas to work out of. Sunlight enhances the productivity level, studies prove it. In case one does not have any option to work in a sunlit area, then one can have LED lights installed in the work areas. They are bright and energy efficient.


Monday, July 27th, 2015

If you are wondering that how business centres can give your office needs a special solution, then you must read this:

  • Business centres act as one-stop shop for office solutions that ideally facilitates you with all the state-of-the-art-amenities within the same premises. Further, allowing you to relax and not worry about the nitty –gritty.
  • Setting up a new facility is a Herculean and tedious task. This is taken care of, at a business centre which sets up the tone of a work environment. It does not only fetches you with state of the art facilities but also boosts up your business image. Additionally, it saves you from all the hassles that might have been caused in arranging an independent office for yourself.
  • Business centres, usually provide well-furnished luxury office space. Starting from housekeeping, to room arrangements, everything is organized and done periodically. This spares you from the additional efforts that you would have done in order to ensure such kind of design. A lot of business centres in India provide aesthetically designed, unique modules for offices and conferences.
  • The most advantageous point is you can avail of conference facilities, as and when required.
  • There is a huge chance that your contract for leasing an office or conference space can be made more flexible; on a short, long or a midway term. However, if you set up your own office, it would not only give you wrinkle, but also pinch your pockets for getting the logistics transferred and managing the entire shifting. In case of a business centre, everything will be taken care by them.
  • Business centres are normally located in the areas that draw a good business potential. Hence, you are benefitted from it as it adds to a lot of convenience while giving you a professional address. In the comparison between an unprofessional address versus professional one, the professional address increases the chances of generating business revenue.

In short, by having an office space in a business centre, you will have happy and peaceful working hours.


Monday, June 22nd, 2015

Did you know?

People spend more than 80% of their time, indoors and that the productive 8-9 hours are spent for their profession. By productive hours, it is meant that when a person’s energy and enthusiasm level is high.

Undoubtedly, one has to undergo a certain amount of physical and mental woes like headaches, eye problems, fatigue, memory disorder, low judgement capability, back pain, etc. Therefore, it becomes deemed necessary to pay attention to one’s office environment and constantly try to keep it healthy and live.

How to do it?

Keep your desks clean and organized. Label them and preserve so that it is convenient for you to find it out.

Arrange and decorate your workstation by using vibrant colours, motivational posters etc. In various business centres that also provide conference facilities, you will find that their interior décor follows a certain pattern of colours.

Adjust the height of the chair to sit and work in a correct posture. Follow the rules of ergonomics to stay healthy. An Indian business centre that emphasizes a lot on the human experience of the people offers office space on rent in New Delhi which has ergonomically designed workstations.

Practice some exercises that favour your health. A bit of stretching exercise during work hours can let you work with ease as it will help you in releasing tension from your hip, shoulder, back and waist.

Keep your workplace green by placing some good amount of indoor air plants. These plants will detoxify and oxygenate the indoor air and help you breathe easy. A conference venue in South Delhi  which also provides office space on lease has been able to increase the productivity level of its occupants by growing fresh air indoors, hence  improving the indoor air quality of the building.

These few simple measures can keep you healthy and active while at work.

Try these!