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Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

Here are some reasons why one should prefer business centres over banquet hall or hotels for conferencing.

Business centres provide serviced office space with a professional atmosphere. Banquets or hotels cannot cater this.

They take care of housekeeping and facility maintenance. One does not have to worry about it as clean and organized rooms, hygienic rest rooms will be there for sure.

They offer an array of different set ups like theatre, classroom, boardroom style etc., that are otherwise not feasible and relevant in banquet halls and hotels.

There are many business centres in India that offer attractive backgrounds to enhance the feel-good factor. But there is one in thebusiest hubs of South Delhi that offers conference space in mountain fresh ambience. They pump detoxified and oxygenated air into the building that keeps the conference participants active and alert throughout the long hours of conference.

Hi-end technological facilities and IT support come handy. Additionally, availing video conferencing facility also becomes convenient as one does not have to contact another vendor for this.

As support team like office services for reprographics and front office will be there to ease the hassles, hence conferencing becomes smoother.

Moreover, one gets a dedicated team to take care of each client. Each team works like a helpline for each account/ client. They help the clients is resolving on the spot glitches, making arrangements and giving an assurance that things will be fine.


Go for a business centre’s offer for conference, if you are aiming at rolling out a smoother conference

that relieves you from the stress of arranging it as the dedicated conference team handles everything from scratch to stalk.