Posted on August 20th, 2015

As a matter of fact kitchen or the pantry emits a huge amount of pollutants and waste. Hence, it becomes a potential case of study as to how to improve its efficiency in terms of being environment friendly. You must have heard of a pantry in the office, just that but……

How to create a green pantry?

Here are few ways of converting your conventional pantry into a green one.

Use BEE 5 star rated appliances as they guarantee sustainability by means of performing in an energy efficient manner.

All the appliances have to be maintained properly. A lot of serviced offices in India take this seriously while many just waive it out of their routine. An energy inefficient appliance will demand more energy, further leading to huge energy bills. Additionally, they pollute the indoor environment even.

Raw materials procured should be tested for their quality. Procurement from a local vendor decreases the carbon footprints. A food safety management system should be put into action. In addition, they should be washed properly; stored hygienically in appropriate conditions and prepared in suitable conditions. These days, serviced offices have started paying attention to the quality of food served in the cafeteria and pantry.

Use zero VOCs and bacteria free tiles in the pantries. It will add to the hygienic conditions. Green seal certified chemicals for cleaning and other housekeeping should be used to ensure that less amount of pollutants are emitted

Use the food waste for creating vermin-manure by decomposing them in vermin-compost pit. You may recycle some of the waste products like paper wraps, polythene etc.

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