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Monday, June 15th, 2015

You have availed of and enjoyed the space and services of a business centre, be it for an office space or for conferences.

How do you feel?

50% satisfied?

70% satisfied?

85-90% satisfied?

Or completely happy with what you are being offered?

Pen it down in the feedback or KYC form.

Writing a review of an FMCG product is way easier than writing a review for the services. Most of the people consider it as a difficult task, as it is in reality for it tosses your cognitive ability.

Fortunately, there is a thumb-rule to this. Follow it keep your analytics and conclusion simpler and clearer.

–       Ambience: Friendly or stringently professional, what impression does it throw at you? Is the environment clean and well maintained? Do you feel active and healthy in the building?

Most importantly, you have to think whether you would be comfortable in inviting someone to visit your office in the same building. Rate it!


–       Maintenance: Ask yourself – How sincere is the building maintenance team? How soon did the carpenter or housekeeping staff respond when your door stopper broke down or somebody splashed water on the floor? Are they sincere and serious about their work? These days a lot of serviced offices that provide office space in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai and other business potential cities spend a lot on the maintenance and interior decoration. Rate it !


–       You may notice a great piece of creativity; a painting, sculpture, metal carving or something that attracts. Write a line appreciating the efforts of the creator. Rate it!


–       Next step is to rate the services. Think about the services like conference rooms, Wi-fi/ internet, courier, video-conferencing, fax, photo-state, phone usage, food and beverage etc. Were they value for money or overly priced? Think of your dealings with the client servicing managers; their approach and conduct. Rate it!


–       Lastly, you can mention about the team of business centre. Were they presentable, polite, friendly, helpful and useful? Every luxury services office has a workforce that work together to facilitate the clients. Appreciate their contribution and rate it.

In case something failed to impress you, you may either choose to write it down or convey it verbally, but in a way that nothing seems to be unpleasant.

Soaring Demands Of Conference Facilities

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

There has been a rising demand of conference rooms and facilities in the past few years. A lot of corporate houses as well as entrepreneurs have been opting for this.

However, just a conference room is not what they actually look for. Companies or clients come up with a list of demands. One of them is location. Conference  rooms in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad always top the charts of priorities.

Even if the city is decided, second step opens up for making a choice of the area of a city which is to be selected. It should be a commercial location with good connectivity with the transportation hubs like metro, buses etc. These two criteria are very important while selecting the location as it builds the image and adds to the convenience of the attendees which comes as a default advantage with the business centres or the serviced offices which provide conference solutions.


The organizer gets a professional conference venue which further leads to a hassle –free and productive meet. These days, educational institutes have joined the race of reserving conference rooms for their seminars, meetings, conference and more.


New Delhi, being the capital city of India grabs a lot of attention for the events, conferences, meetings and others. In Delhi, conference rooms in South Delhi, Connaught Place, Saket, Jasola are usually sought after.


In addition to this, convenience is one of the most important factors in deciding the conference room locality.

At times, clients face problems in organizing an event due to the lack of time, work force and/or accommodating guests etc.  In such a scenario, they should go to the business centers which provide complete office and conference solutions. They would not have to take the pain of involving itself in managing their event. Right from the room set-ups to the organizing of various facilities and the arrangements of lunch, dinner, hi-tea etc will be done by the conference team of that particular business centre.  You will get technical support from the team without a single failure.

But organizing conference in any of the business centres or serviced offices is not just enough. You can take pride in being in the green building for your event. There are few of them. They are energy-efficient and have high green quotient. By being there one does not only stay active but also feel close to nature. There is a business centre of Delhi origin which provides conference rooms in Delhi, in mountain fresh ambience. As long as you are there, you breathe fresh air and stay healthy.

You can look out for such options as they add to your health as well as convenience.

Business centres or serviced offices offer complete conference solutions. Therefore, anyone searching for a conference space must take a look at the conferencing options available with the business centres.

5 Ways To Promote Your Conference Centre

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

With the increasing number of demands for commercial spaces, a number of business centres have begun adding the essence of versatility to their services. In addition to workspace, they have also started offering space for meetings, interviews, conferences, media meetings and more. Hotels undoubtedly have been strong contenders for the business centres but the eye for professional environment gets the business centre in the priority. Still, the competition prevails. Therefore, it is important to develop unbeatable promotional strategies.

If you are a part of conference centre, then here are few tips that you can follow to promote it.

  1. Decide the right target audience. In addition to different companies, you should be in touch with the event organizers. They get consistent requirements of organizing events for companies, like sales meet, reward ceremony etc. They will certainly add to your marketing prospects.


  1. You must prepare an ad campaign for the services. Exploit the advantages of different media vehicles by planning it meticulously. As everyone is going online these days, one should not miss out on digital marketing.


  1. Pay a lot of attention to the message conveyed in promotional activities. Communicate all the unique features clearly. You may provide comprehensive information about the location, capacity of conference rooms, conference facilities etc. Design the marketing collaterals in a creative and well-planned manner.


  1. There are many conferencing destinations in India that provide conference rooms in professional environment. Let the target audience know the benefits of organizing a conference in a dedicated conference facility.


  1. Face-to-face meetings draw importance but one does not have to necessarily travel for it. It is possible through web and audio-video conferencing facilities. Let your targeted readers/audience know about this service too. There are many business centres in India that provide conference rooms in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and in other cities.


Best marketing ploy ascertains that the conference spaces are booked throughout the year and the conferees are happy and satisfied. These five fundamental tips will guide you in promoting the conference centre in a better way.

Why Companies Prefer Business Centres For Conferences?

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

Preference of a venue for conference, meetings and seminars are slowly shifting from hotel banquets to business centres. Last few years have witnessed that Indian companies have been opting for unique solutions provided by business centres for the office space and conferences.

A thorough insight of this trend has brought some reasons into light.

–          Though hotels offer attractive interiors than business centres, they lack maintaining a business environment. Business centres are designed to meet the professional requirements of the companies. Hence, they maintain the environment accordingly. The company won’t have to take the pain of managing the space; furnishing, staffing, style formation of rooms, installing and the maintaining various facilities.


There is a business centre that provides conferencing  solutions in New Delhi offers space for offices and conference in mountain fresh ambience. People tend to fall prey to various health hazards like headaches, dizziness, nausea etc while working because of poor indoor air quality. To ensure good health and better productivity this business centre has made some efforts to resolve this. The interiors are simple, classy and professional.


–          Normally, business centres are strategically located, thereby offering a good chance of business growth and easy reach. For example, conference spaces in South Delhi are always high on demand when it comes to a conference space in Delhi as they are well connected with all the parts of Delhi NCR. Those located in the central part of Delhi also grab a lot of attention.


–          Every business centre has a team of experts to look after the arrangements of conferences, meetings, interviews and seminars. Therefore, the headache of making arrangements with the help of own workforce and organizing it becomes zero.


Clients are offered with an array of styles to select from which is based on the number of attendees, types of conferences and other requirements. Other requirements may vary from welcoming the guests to food and beverage services. Often, clients select from a variety of services like secretarial, administrative, communication, executive offices etc and customize their package. Technical support with the power back-up too is provided by the serviced offices without a single failure. Flexibility and customization is at par. A business centre works like a one-stop shop for all the conferencing requirements.


–          There are many conferencing destinations that also offer space on hot-desking services in Delhi.


–          In addition to this, many companies consider taking a space in a business centre as a matter of sophistication and an image-building exercise. Therefore, they prefer, business centres over hotels.

Every meeting, conference, seminar or training has an objective and if the arrangements are not flawless then it may become a flop show. Therefore, companies prefer organizing a conference in a serviced office or a business centre as the organizer gets a professional conference venue which serves the purpose and enhances the productivity of the event without crinkling a wrinkle.

Dull or Happening – Which Workplace Would You Prefer?

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

We all would agree to the fact that a dull and boring environment brings the energy & enthusiasm meter down while a bright and happening environment takes the zeal high. Needless to say, work environment and the factors related to it are very important for a healthy work life.

This is one of the reasons why business centres have come up with a variety of innovative options to make workplace livelier. There are many business centres that offer serviced offices in India with a different ‘look and feel’ of the space.

Bright and lively colours are in. Colours like white, beige, yellow, lemon green, etc illuminate the space more. Consequently, the pressure on the eyes and mind get reduced in addition to the positive vibes that increase.

Other than this, different designs of furniture also add to the live wire quotient. These days, workstations with different designs and levels of convenience are seen in the offices. Companies give a special attention to the recreation rooms. They make it creative and equipped with a lot of stress busting activities.

Decoration and arrangements add another dimension of making a workplace happening. An everyday quotes calendar is one of the good stationery for the desks. Quotes can be inspirational and business specific. Putting paintings and motivational poster on the walls is another way out.

Serviced offices that also provide meeting rooms in India, have also started taking the task of enlivening the meeting and conference rooms, seriously. You will find aesthetic and good luck charm lucky bamboos placed on the tables, especially for those who are expected to have hard time during the meeting. Jokes apart, in meeting rooms you will find a good number of creative paintings and sculptures even they add to the feel good factor.

Prefabricated structures or modular set ups are also grabbing attraction. As it adds to the flexibility and creative designs, most of the business centres in India have started using them. They make a place more attractive and interesting to work in. Moreover, they are portable, easy to install & handle and store.

Likeable interiors bring inspire the employees to work and build a lively and enthusiastic atmosphere.