What Are The Advantages Of Having A Library at Office?

Posted on August 23rd, 2014

It’s a myth that library is a place where a lot of books from different sources and of different subjects are kept. The fact is library is a platform for enlarging the scope of knowledge and brainstorming with a lot of ideas. It is a section of the building where silence is the most important element next to the willing reader. They are not meant only for the schools and colleges. Offices too have them.

Why should an office have a library?

Library belts out a lot of advantages. Some of them are:

–          It welcomes the readers to open up their minds and add to their knowledge store. An office library contains more of magazines and books related to management, business, economy, skill enhancement, computers, engineering, annual reports in addition to those on life style and entertainment.

–          It is like a one-shop stop for different journals and newspapers. You will find an array of them.

–          It motivates you keep up the habit of reading which further leads to enhancement of vocabulary too.

–          No other part of the office is as calm and peaceful like a library.

–          The best part is if you want to read a topic later on during leisure, while travelling or while at home etc then you can issue it or photocopy the pages by using office support services. It saves your work time and interest.

Business centres have also started taking the concept of adding a library to their building, seriously. In fact in India, there are many business centres that provide office Space on Rent in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and other metro cities also have dedicated a section for library cum reading lounge.

Due to unavailability of space, many serviced offices have not yet introduced a section for the library. In such a scenario, the concept of a mini library would gel well. It refers to a tall and sleek rack of books that can be kept on every floor. If a building is of 5 levels than 5-6 tall racks can be accommodated in them. The concept of personalized online library is quite efficient for the ready to move in offices that fall short of space. Employees can enter the website by using their employee code, and then read the book online after selecting it. It seems viable.

The main idea is to make the employee more efficient, knowledgeable and creative.

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