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5 Ways To Promote Your Conference Centre

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

With the increasing number of demands for commercial spaces, a number of business centres have begun adding the essence of versatility to their services. In addition to workspace, they have also started offering space for meetings, interviews, conferences, media meetings and more. Hotels undoubtedly have been strong contenders for the business centres but the eye for professional environment gets the business centre in the priority. Still, the competition prevails. Therefore, it is important to develop unbeatable promotional strategies.

If you are a part of conference centre, then here are few tips that you can follow to promote it.

  1. Decide the right target audience. In addition to different companies, you should be in touch with the event organizers. They get consistent requirements of organizing events for companies, like sales meet, reward ceremony etc. They will certainly add to your marketing prospects.


  1. You must prepare an ad campaign for the services. Exploit the advantages of different media vehicles by planning it meticulously. As everyone is going online these days, one should not miss out on digital marketing.


  1. Pay a lot of attention to the message conveyed in promotional activities. Communicate all the unique features clearly. You may provide comprehensive information about the location, capacity of conference rooms, conference facilities etc. Design the marketing collaterals in a creative and well-planned manner.


  1. There are many conferencing destinations in India that provide conference rooms in professional environment. Let the target audience know the benefits of organizing a conference in a dedicated conference facility.


  1. Face-to-face meetings draw importance but one does not have to necessarily travel for it. It is possible through web and audio-video conferencing facilities. Let your targeted readers/audience know about this service too. There are many business centres in India that provide conference rooms in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and in other cities.


Best marketing ploy ascertains that the conference spaces are booked throughout the year and the conferees are happy and satisfied. These five fundamental tips will guide you in promoting the conference centre in a better way.

What To Look At While Searching A Meeting Space?

Monday, October 20th, 2014

Annual review meetings, annual general meetings, sales meetings, meetings with the ambassadors, meeting delegates of high stature etc – the list is quite huge when it comes to prepare a meeting planner. Here comes the demand of meeting rooms into the scene.

To ensure that meetings are productive & successful, you must make careful choices on the following:

  1. List out the number of attendees and mentors who will be attending the meeting. It will give you clarity on the size of space you would require.


  1. Location is the second most important factor. A central location offers accessibility and ease to the commuters. There are several business centres in India that offer small and large space for meetings. 99% of them are located in commercial areas that add to convenience of the attendees. Ensure that the venue has secured and sufficient space for parking.



  1. Next is the infrastructure. Would you prefer a meeting room with in a non environment-friendly building or would you opt for green solutions? Undoubtedly, there are many business centres that provide space with a kind of infrastructure that gives a treat to your eyes but there a few which provide a good ambience with elevated green quotient. There is one such which offers space for office space, training, interviews, and conference and meeting rooms in south Delhi, in mountain-fresh ambience while maintaining professionalism.


  1. You should also keep the duration of the meeting in mind. If the duration is long then you might have to make arrangements for snacks, lunch and dinner. Accordingly, you can ask the catering department to organize the same.



  1. Make a list of things that your meeting may require like white board, projector screen, panafax, stationery etc. You have to share the same with the manager. You should give a surprise visit to the venue to check the amenities like Wi-Fi, air conditioning, parking etc. This will enable you to decide whether the venue is capable of giving meeting rooms on urgent basis. Many business centres do offer immediate meeting rooms in India with all the required facilities.


One has to look at the offers meticulously before booking the space for meeting rooms. After all everyone wants a space that can make the meeting run smoothly and be successful.

This easy-to-refer checklist will help you in your search for the perfect meeting room.

Virtual Offices Offer You 5 Grand Benefits

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

Instead of investing in a space and working on the set-ups for your start up business, it’s better if you think of virtual office solutions. There are five major advantages that you would have by getting such a space.

Open your palm for Five-Fingers Count.

  1. You will save yourself from the headache of constructing a new office space or leasing one for your office.
  2. You will also save Time and Money as you won’t have to put in efforts to organize and set up a new office. Wasting time in an activity which can otherwise be handled easily by opting for virtual offices looks more sensible.
  3. With no capital investment and furnishing cost & period, you get almost all the benefits of a professional address of any furnished office space. A professional address helps in building the image of a company and enhances the trust and reliability factor. You can use it in your letter pads, business cards, envelopes etc.
  4. As a part of virtual office solutions, you get front office services to manage your calls and mails. You can also avail of reprographic services as and when required. You get everything organized while you operate from a different location. This is one of the reasons why virtual offices in India are becoming popular.
  5. Whenever you require, you can reserve a space for meetings, interviews, trainings and/ or conferences.

Virtual offices are for those who are either starting up a new business or want to have a presence in an area or a city. By opting for virtual offices, organizations can multiply their presence and budding entrepreneurs can work with comfort and ease.