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7 Ways To Keep Your Workplace Healthy And Active

Friday, September 12th, 2014

On an average, people spend 8-9 hours a day at work. This duration feeds on the most active part of the day, when a person’s mind is fresh after a good sleep and energy level is high. However, the energy level and the activeness start decreasing once the day starts moving forward. Then one is attacked by physical woes like headache, back pain, eye irritation, nausea, drowsiness and more. Certainly, these woes hamper the productivity levels and snatch life out of work.

Hence, it is necessary to take some measures to ensure that the workplace is healthy and active.

Here are some tips to make it possible.

–       Start with your desk. A clutter free desk makes the user’s mind free. Clean it up regularly. Don’t miss the cupboards and drawers. Categorize and arrange your things so that everything looks organized.


–       Dump the used paper or polythene sheets. Take the help of office support services to manage such dry waste in an eco-friendly manner.


–       Adjust the height of your chair according to the height of the table and laptop. Keep sufficient space for your hands and documents. There is a business centre that provides office space on rent in New Delhi, and has designed the interiors ergonomically. Every seat is attached with a backrest so that the users are able to maintain proper posture while working.


–       Take a look at the walls around your cubicles. Think of decorating them in a simple and innovative way. Use calendars that have motivational quotes; keep a board to pen down your ideas; paste the photographs of the event or award ceremony you have attended – think of other ways. There are many ready to move in offices that use soft boards on the desks to pin some funny pictures and posters for entertainment. Many also use TFT monitors to run live sports shows, matches, news etc.


Use vibrant colours as they not only add positivity to the environment but also illuminate the space reducing strain on eyes.


–       Keep a small green plant on your desk. Plants are known to produce oxygen and detoxify the indoor air. You tend to stay active and fresh because of them. Get some air-purifying plants that are available in the market.


–       Take a short break every two hours to either rest in the rest room or do some stretching exercises while sitting at your desk. Your muscles will be at ease. Most of the time problems related to health like headache, nausea etc occur due to poor air quality. The level of CO2 increases in a closed place like office where people and devices like AC work for hours.


During break time get up from your seat and take a small stroll to your compatible group’s place. Join them for discussions and fun. Well, don’t forget to keep a watch on your time.