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Needless to say renting an office space in a business centre is advantageous. How?

  1. It is difficult to deal with the expenses, especially when you are starting a business or setting up a branch. Business centres offer a wholesome package that includes space and amenities that will help you in running your operations, smoothly.
  2. The best part that comes as a default feature with business centres is their location. You get a professional location which not only fetches you business but also scales-up your organization’s image.
  3. A professional location brings with itself the advantages of transport conveniences, easy availability of food joints and health care centres, shopping options that make procurement of office essentials easy and more.
  4. It also benefits the clients with a professional mailing address. If you are looking for some space in Delhi then you must look for valuable options in different locations. For example, if you need an office space in New Delhi, then you must consider some areas in South Delhi and Central Delhi like CP, Jor Bagh, Nehru Place, Saket etc.

  5. Business centres are usually well-equipped with the facilities that help a business in growing. If one opts for an office space then one will not only get a workstation but also some necessary furniture, laptops/ desktops, printers, reprographic services and more (on demand). There is a business centre which offers conference hall In South Delhi with temporary secretarial assistance, even.
  6. Another strong point of the business centre is its professional environment with which it helps the companies in focusing on their work so the business grows better. They usually offer reading lounge with a stocked library. There is a business centre that provides furnished office space in South Delhi in mountain fresh ambience. They detoxify and oxygenate the air that moves indoors, so that people breathe easy and stay productive. It focuses mainly on the health and wellness of its occupants.
  7. Another advantage is that one can get catered to an immediate requirement of meeting rooms. These centres, also have dedicated space for the interview, meeting, and conference rooms along with audio-video and web conferencing facilities.
  8. As all the logistics, arrangements, maintenance and other daily activities will be looked after by the business centre, you save a lot in terms of additional manpower hiring and on hassles that would have otherwise caused due to this.

As business centres have a lot of clients in its facilities, therefore, it ensures that the buildings are protected and secured. Generally, most of them have 24×7 CCTV surveillance; security forces, and other systems put in place to ensure that space and the occupants are protected.


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Search Engines will fetch you a good number of options for the conference but deciding which one is better and why, is a difficult task.

Here are five things that you must keep in mind before taking a call of conference facility.

Prepare a requirement planner:

Jot down the points on your requirement that will serve your purpose. Keep it as your basis of search and then proceed.


Check the location:

Whichever city you choose for the conference, ensure that you get a space in the business areas. For example, in Delhi there are many areas that serve as business localities like Nehru Place, Connaught Place, East of Kailash, Jor Bagh etc.


You may search for the business centres which are there in these areas that provide conference facilities which include space and amenities for conferences, meetings, interviews, etc. A good location will ease the commutation and also add on to the image quotient.


Check the technical requirements:

You may require certain specific technical arrangements that will make your conference hassle free. Do mention it to the organizers to check whether such facilities can be rendered to you or not. Some of the common demands that are likely to have problems are internet bandwidth, efficient panafax board etc.


Ambience and environment:

You may like to have an eye on the indoor and outdoor environment of the venue. It should be good and look professional. Delhi, being the capital city, is always crowded and falls short on space. There are many conference venues in South Delhi that has fanciful indoors but outdoor environment looks clumsy and unmanaged. If you are ready to compromise with this in case you are getting better rates or discounts then it’s a different story; but if you don’t compromise in such situation then it might cost you something more but will surely enhance your image value.


There is a business centre which provides conference rooms in South Delhi with unmatchable air quality. Air inside it is as fresh as one would find in Gulmarg or Davos. It has been rated as one of the healthiest ready-to-move-in office building by CPCB, MoE&F, Govt. of India and Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute, Kolkata.


Parking Facility:

Considering the rate at which urbanization is taking place, cities have become overly populated with people and vehicles. Hence, getting some space to park the vehicle seems a herculean task. Do check if the venue has some parking facility.


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While the businesses are soaring high, the demand of customized packages for office and conference space, also increases. Past few years have witnessed that in India, a lot of corporate and entrepreneurs opt for unique office solutions. This has led to a huge scope for luxurious corporate facilities.

Business centres are the real big players in this market. As business centres provide customized and packaged solutions for offices, they have been preferred choice of many.

Business centres in India, have given a new dimension to the corporate establishments and real estate. Clients/ companies not only look for office space but also for other related amenities and conveniences. Of all the demands, the demand of conference rooms tops the charts. If a client has to organize a conference or a seminar independently, then they tend to add a lot of wrinkles on their forehead. Clients face problems in getting the best rates and facilities; in organizing an event due to the lack of time, work force and/or accommodating guests and more.


They have to get involved in the crude level to get a deal finalized. However, with business centres, the convenience of pre-associations and combo packages help a lot. Serviced offices are quite popular for the tailor-made choices they offer to clients.


Companies are often offered with an array of conference styles to select from. The options may vary from arrangement modules available to the amenities that come along with it. One can also select a venue on the basis of their present-ability or ambiance or on certain unique quality/ USP.


There is a business centre in India that provides conference venue in South Delhi that has Davos quality air. Air inside it is devoid of any impurities/ pollutants. People breathe fresh air indoors and feel the same as well, during conference. It also provides office space. So now you can imagine the kind of strength the lungs of the people working out of that building would be having.


One of the critical points that need to be looked at before deciding on a conference venue is the IT and other technical support required for the event. A well-facilitated conference room will undoubtedly make the flow of the event successful.


The best part of organizing a conference in a business centre is that the organizer or the client gets a professional venue and assistance; hence a professional value and productive meet without dealing with the hassles.

Five Things You Must Look At While Searching For An Office Space

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If you are looking for an office space then here’s a thumb rule that will make your search easier.

  1. Location: A location does not only give you an address but also adds to the business image.  Every city has specific business hubs that offer companies, a kind of space that adds value to their presence.


For example, an fully furnished office in delhi will certainly increase the value of your professional presence because of the good reputation that it carries for being a commercial hub.


  1. Building: This is another criterion that you must look at. A building does not mean only infrastructure and furnishings. Nowadays, CRE emphasizes more on the kind of buildings that contribute to the welfare of the environment and enhance the human experience. There is a business centre in Delhi, which provides office and conference rooms in South Delhi, offers space in mountain fresh ambience.


They have developed an Indoor Air Quality system which not only helps them in detoxifying the indoor air and oxygenating it, but also helps in bringing the energy consumption level down by almost 50 percent. As a result of good air, occupants of the building get less prone to health disorders and our environment can keep smiling. People would definitely love to work in a building that cares for their health.

  1. Transportation: You must ensure that the location has easy access to public transport like buses, metro trains, etc so that commutation does not become an issue.
  2. Need for conferences and meeting rooms: While working, you would also require space for conferences and meetings. In this case, business centres would be a good option as they not only provide space for offices but also for conferences and meetings. Getting conference and meeting  rooms in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and other metro cities, separately, involve a lot of hassle. Therefore, it is better to opt for a space that also offers space for conferences, meetings, interviews, etc. It not only makes your work easier, but also gives you the same at reasonable rate as a part of the privilege of being an existing customer.
  3. Lastly, you must also ensure that you get office support services like photocopying facility, courier etc as it will make your operations a lot easier.

Try this thumb rule as a checklist. It will surely help you out in your search.

5 Ways To Promote Your Office Space

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Competition in every kind of trade has become very tough. One of the reasons is the new businesses getting added to the market on a daily basis. For the obvious reasons like up-scaling the brand value, establishing the brand name and more, every business requires a commercial space. Needless to say, office space is quite much in demand.

If you are a part of a business centre or a company that provides office space, then here are some tips that you may like to use for promoting it:

  1. Define your target group. You may categorize it as per trades or sectors that you want to focus on. If you want to set a standard then, it is always good to start with a limited set of target groups/areas.
  2. It is very difficult to find out a business-prospective office space in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad is quite a challenge from the seekers’ perspective. From the office space providers’ perspective, the challenge is to make its brand stand out in the market which would not be possible without promoting it strategically. If you keep an approach of making companies rely on you for finding out and providing a good commercial space that adds value to their business prospect then your marketing strategy would click.
  3. If you are present in metro cities, then you must draw the advantage of the city’s nature and especially of the location. Talk about the benefits of your location. Your brochure should contain the names of hotels and restaurants, hospitals, coffee houses etc in that particular locality or in the neighbourhood. A business centre which provides office space on rent in New Delhi, and is based in Nehru Place can talk about the advantages of being in South Delhi.
  4. You must use the unique feature of your company in majority of your advertisement and promotional campaigns. To make your brands settled in the minds of your TGs, you need to use your USP judiciously. There is a business centre which provides office space in South Delhi, promotes its USP, ‘mountain-fresh ambience’ in all its promotional campaigns. People feel good about the business centre that offers you to work in a space which lets them breathe clean and fresh air in the world’s most polluted city, Delhi. The conviction effect of the campaign is that people tend to get inclined towards its services for they know that the company is concerned for their health and wellness.
  5. With the whole world taking digital turns, you must put in efforts to increase your online presence. Work on the search engine ranking, social media promotion and online advertisement activities. This will don a lot of business advantage to your company. Consult a online marketing strategists. They will help you out.